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yeah yeah i know. who is this noob that thinks we care who he is? right? lol
regardless here it is. Im fairly new to the pc scene altogether( a few years at most) and most deff newer to the cracking hacking parts of it.
Im um.. a few years over 18 u could say and was a crane operator for most of my life. in short construction f*ed me one to many times and i was conviced to finally go back to school at the ripe old age of 37. I'm now in my 3rd quater at ITT for programming and have yes learned enough to fix pcs on the side, making a few bucks fixing the red ring of death on 360 things like this.

in short i would love to learn how to do all the nifty things u guys do with making not freeware be freeware.. hehe. Working on a project like the mri some of your guys are working on would just make my day. Having my name on something like that would tickle me till the grave.
however they dont exactly teach these things at itt tech. anything and anywhere you guys could point me too that would help out in that department would be highly appreciated. in fact i would dance at your weddings ( better yet knowing how i dance, i promise NOT to dance at your weddings).
I would love to eventually be a part of the community you are building here so if there is by some chance anything i can do to help on any projects with my - for now - limited skills by ALL means just ask. and the limited skills as of today are about halfway through course and the same for c++ .