Appendix to 'Are current consoles truly HD?'

Normally I would have continued onto my next topic, but something I obviously forgot to tackle was one other platform that games are being developed for, the PC. As I recently upgraded my videocard in my Home Theater PC setup, I decided to fire up Unreal Tournament 3 to see how well it would play. First I decided to go 1280x720 at max settings and like I expected it stayed at 60 fps all the time. Then somewhat for humor I decided to try 1920x1080 and surprisingly, it ran dead on. The reason why I say surprisingly is that my system is now 3+ years old with an Athlon X2 3800+ and only 1 gig of ram. (If I can find 1 GB for under $20 by a decent company I'll happily upgrade, but as it's PC3200 DDR it's gonna take a little time to find such a deal.) While I haven't had much time to check out other major current gen games on the platform, given my results I am inclined to believe that between optimization issues and the PC upgrade cycles gaming consoles simply cannot keep up. Another point is that unlike consoles there is no region restrictions. (Something that since the PSone has driven me insane since the best rhythm games and shmups never get a proper domestic release.) The major downside though is that recently many PC games like Spore are using invasive DRM which stays on the PC after the game is uninstalled. I'm hoping given the recent backlash they come up with better methods of delivering content.