Are current consoles truly HD?

For the last 3 years now I'm sure most people have heard all the hype about Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 making games go HD. Well, now that both consoles have been out for a decent amount of time now I'm going to see how well this promise has been upheld by mentioning the native resolutions and framerates of games that have appeared on these systems:

Assassin's Creed:
Both consoles - 720p with both consoles suffering framerate issues thus failing to meet the 720p standard of 60 frames per second.

GTA 4:
Xbox 360 - 720p
Playstation 3 - 1152x640
Framerate - Both consoles run at 30fps as their general framerate, once again not meeting the 720p standard.

Halo 3 - 1152x640 at 30 fps at best. (Oh, I should also mention that Bungie stated at the start of 2007 that the game would go 60 fps at TRUE 1080p. Also, it is the opinion of me and other SX members that this is the most overrated and overblown piece of SHIT in gaming history!)

Call of Duty 4: 600p on both consoles (Even though it does run 60 fps, that's PATHETIC!)

Unreal Tournament 3: 720p at 60 fps on both consoles. (Epic actually knows the meaning of quality in my opinion.)

With this in mind, I have to state a couple of things. First, it's obvious that some of these games are unoptimized given the listed specs and horsepower of these systems in comparison to PCs benchmarks for many of these games. (I know many games are going dual-platform, but there is no excuse for this crap.) Second, these consoles don't live up to their promise of HD gaming for most hard releases. Finally, in my personal opinion given the current selection of games and the trend of multiplatform releases there I cannot justify buying either console since most of the games are getting PC releases. In short, Sony and Microsoft both need to learn to not make promises that cannot be delivered upon cause some people will hold them accountable for their failures.