Rage-o-Holiday Season Part 5: College/Pro Sports Douches!

For those who have no knowledge of SX prior to 2002 allow me to explain something. As most people will tell you throughout high school I never did one bit of athletics. More than that I went to a bullshit high school that loved to push it's athletics program out the ass and since I had the distinct displeasure of being in high school right when the Columbine shootings happened anybody who didn't have 'school spirit' or weren't straight A students were treated like bad apples to say the least. As I legitimately considered the concept of school spirit to be a 'complete and utter load of horseshit' and I was only on the honor roll twice (oddly enough, the second half of senior year somehow which is when usually everybody else's grades slip) I think it's pretty easy to figure out that my time there was not easy.

Something that I was hoping for when I went to college was that I would stop seeing such brainwashed bullshit and see people who acted different. Hopefully that I would be amongst people who wouldn't blindly follow so easily and be amongst people who like me wanted to legitimately learn something. Well, I was fucking wrong cause the main thing I saw throughout college was more brainwashed bullshit and it was after college ended (along with the passing of a close relative) that I realized that this bullshit is something that will always be around me, but I don't have to fucking deal with it.

WRONG AGAIN! I soon saw that due to the location I serve out of for the Marine Corps I'm getting charged extra on sales tax for some bullshit new arena for a football team I'll simply call the 'Cunts.' It was partially due to this that I decided to stop shopping at brick and mortar stores. Since this new arena was built the team that it was built for went from consistent playoff contender (and actually winning a Super Bowl within the last few years) to starting the season 0-3 and currently facing the fact that they won't go to the playoffs most likely. Also, as the Dome that this replaced was known for being an awesome music venue, you can imagine the dismay that happened when they found out that the acoustics in the arena were outright shit to the point where I've decided that I'll never attend an event there as long as I live.

Finally, there's the fact that I live by a university and when they are doing good in any sport I have to hear about 500 fucking times over. I don't go to school and I want nothing to do with this retarded crap. Hell, instead of having a real playoff system College Football determines national champions by the votes of a bunch of fat, dipshit, sports writers and in the NCAA's own words 'non-players.' Hell, whoever actually agrees with that is definitely drinking some strong kool aid to say the least. Most people who follow the local team trend are usually guys who want to relive their younger days, kids trying to show 'school/community spirit', or people who are trying to simply fit in even though they don't like it.

Now, is this just some weak nerd hating on sports? Most people would say yes, but given the fact that I'm a Veteran Marine and I currently have a 280 PFT that kills that theory very quick. The reason for my hatred for it is that it encourages people to blindly follow instead of making their own decisions. I can understand if somebody likes a sport, but I don't understand this bullshit of 'rooting for the home team' cause it encourages gullibility. I won't hate on people for what they like, but I have no problem hating on people who try to force-feed others that mentality.

Edit: To give people an idea of how much I hate this mentality, I refuse to support businesses that sponsor professional athletics which includes, but is not limited to:

Papa Johns (Which is a new supporter of the 'Cunts' and unfortunate since I did like their Pizza.)
Steak 'n Shake
KFC (Of note being that they are on the eternal shitlist for advertising Guitar Hero, which I hate with every bit and fiber of my being.)


2nd Edit: Oh, if somebody wants to see how far braindamaged somebody can be by blindly following college athletics, I invite them to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cnk63tzbfc.