Rage-o-Holiday Season Part 6: Holiday Douches

Ok, part of the reason why I started this series of rants was actually due to the holidays themselves. Personally, whenever I go to any store during this type of year it feels like these holidays are practically rammed down my throat. The one thing about these holidays in particular that people love to pull shit with me about is the whole family issue. For those not in the know, the closest thing I do have to family is RaT and Blake as almost all of my relatives are deceased, incarcerated, or are off the deep end mentally. As a result of this, people trying to pull the family card on selling anything to me usually fail miserably and I'm declared a jerk for it. Well, here's the reality check, the only jerk here is the one stepping on my fucking toes on this one.

The biggest issue I have seen about the holiday season is the fact that so many people are disingenuous during this season. They may say all this politically correct bullshit to appease other people, but the reality is that they are merely doing lip service and looking out for their own best interests. Alot of it is all social bullshit that people do for reasons of status quo which sickens me, and alot of it is that they honestly don't know any better. If some of these people checked why they were acting that way then I think some of them would be horrified, but most of them won't sadly.