Scene Whores and Fact Checking

I figure since nobody else will talk about it, I will cause I'm done playing nice. First, I honestly believe that the one thing that has screwed up the hacking scene in general are the sheer amount of scene whores involved. It's one thing to not know much and be new, but it's another thing to be an established part of the group that does nothing worthwhile in a sad attempt to boost their own ego. It's partially cause of this that I was hesitant to even come back into SX fulltime cause I saw too much of that bullshit and moreso due to the long period of inactivity I did not want to become the thing that I hated. The reality is that sadly even though I'm not active in most projects anymore I still do more than the overwhelming majority which I find pathetic. I can mention the obvious example with how Durandouche acted, but honestly the scale of this is getting to the point where the numbers are ruining larger events like the Chaos Communication Congress, Shmoocon, Toorcon, and Defcon. The one thing that is always noticible this is that most of these people are involved in a large chunk of drama online cause they love to talk shit, but act like little bitches when directly confronted.

Another thing I should mention is that recently a political blog was posted up on here. While I have no problem with political stances, I have a problem with people who don't check their fucking facts and start making unprovoked personal attacks when people show that there is documented evidence showing their statement to be flawed. With that in mind, I am recommending that BadGer follow his own advice, spend those 5 minutes he mentioned to look up the facts, and make posts that have some creditability instead of half-baked bullshit. (Note: Amp is against both Obama and McCain as neither one has addressed the issues that concern me to my satisfaction.)

Edit: I find it ironic that somebody proved me right on both fronts after I wrote this by trying to subseven people with a poorly done tutorial in the forums. Thanks Schiz0id!