Server Woes

I had some messages from people saying that they weren't getting emails from the site. I looked into this and noticed that email had stopped working on September 10, 2008. I contacted Zee (our host) about the issue and he mentioned that the server had been rebooted by another admin. After looking into the issue a little deeper, he realized that not only was email not working - but mysql was jacked up as well. Shortly after he noticed this, the site got really wacky and I was afraid that we'd be restoring from backups today. Luckily Zee is the man - so that doesn't have to happen. He attacked the problem immediately and got everything up and running cleanly again without destroying any data ( I hope ^_^ )

If anybody notices any problems, please email rat[at] and let me know what's going on! A big thanks to Zee for addressing this problem so quickly and diligently.