Silent Hill Homecoming review

As I am a big fan of the Silent Hill series, I figured I should get this off my chest. SILENT HILL HOMECOMING is not a true Silent Hill game. It's very obvious that a US developer made the game instead of Team Silent and after playing through it I think Akira Yamaoka should re-consider his stance that the US are farther along when it comes to psychology in gaming than the Japanese since most of the stuff coming out from US developers is shovelware and garbage franchises. (All I need to do is mention the Madden franchise to prove my point. Oh, since I had to deal with a ton of butthurt from when I blasted the Gaylo franchise if anybody has a problem with me saying Madden sucks, then tough fucking shit.) One thing that shows this to be true though are the 5 endings in the game as they were not done in the same vein as past entries in the series. (Even the UFO ending didn't feel like an actual UFO ending from the prior games.)

(Warning: Silent Hill 2 spoliers!!!!!)

The biggest issue though is the blatant misuse of Pyramid Head in the game itself that really is retarded. The main reason why he was such a popular character was not for just looking scary, but from his actions which were a reflection of the guilty and repressed feelings of James in Silent Hill 2. Only James ever saw him and as shown in past games everybody in the town saw something different that haunted them depending on what was going on. Now, Pyramid Head has been reduced to being a "boogeyman" in an attempt to be like the film which only serves to alienate established fans of the series. Konami needs to stop letting American developers handle their franchises as they bastardized Bemani domestically, wrecked the Contra franchise, and now this.