Storebought Desktops: The ultimate reality

Ok, I've just about had it with the Desktop I got shortly after my deployment. (I opted to get an HP instead of building it myself for the first time in 6 years in what was a huge mistake.) The reality though is that most of these storebought machines are simply pieces of shit. Between the mystery hardware, the shit power supplies, garbage onboard sound and graphics, and the fact that many of them cannot handle any videocard upgrades cause of their poor airflow they are simply not justified.

2 years ago, I had the supposedly 350 watt power supply literally fry out (Complete with Blue Sparks) and I had to get a 500 watt supply to replace it. Then the DVD Burner on it started crapping out. Now, last night the Hard Drive on the machine started crapping out (I can confirm it failed a read verify test so it's definitely f*cked up) and what makes it worse is due to how the machine is built I cannot get it out cause they decided to have it so I either have to unscrew it with a 1" phillips screwdriver or destroy the case alltogether as I want to try to atleast get everything worthwhile off of that drive before I ceremoniously destroy it. To say the least though, as a direct result of this I'm probably gonna have to move ahead with plans of building a new machine much sooner even though my current setup was running just fine. To say the least though, I won't do the storebought bullshit ever again.