This is my hello to all those in the SoldierX community I don't know yet.

Hello, my name is Thane. You can call me Origin. I was made Vice president(VP) of SoldierX a few months back out of the blue. I haven't been around. I just moved to Texas, and just started collage. I'm currently working on getting my bachelors degree in information technology. Still, I have been keeping my eye on you all. I see a lot of things happened. Most of which I choose not to discuss. A individual brought shame to SoldierX. I plan on making sure an occurrence such as that one never happens again. Meaning, I'll be monitoring the site full time. So any bugs will be repaired hopefully before anyone notices them. Bugs meaning "Individuals who are causing problems." or " A computer error that happened by accident, or from bad programming practices." I also plan on making sure that all the information on our site is factual, and informative. So plan on seeing a boost in information quality during the next couple of months. Also I replaced the theme that was being used with a Drupal default theme. This theme will remain until work on the new SoldierX custom theme is complete. I replaced the theme because it wasn't functioning to it's fullest capacity. Also, I would like to thank Amp for taking over my position while I was gone. Seems like he did an awesome job. Since I see that we have a lot of new people. Other than that I would like to thank my peers for assigning me to this position. I hope I can gain everyones full support over the years to come. Thanks for reading.