The worst movie this decade......

This is gonna enrage alot of people, but I've decided that I should talk about a film that is extremely polarizing currently. However, I believe that it is one of the worst films to come out this decade and in 5-10 years everybody who did like it will look back and say "What was I thinking?" The film in question is Grandma's Boy. Now, the main reason why I am going after this film is not for obvious things, but rather the fact that it is one of the blandest, unoriginal comedies I have seen. Seriously, every idea that they came up with has been done several times better by other films. I watched this film for the first time all the way through (It took a shitton of energy drinks to keep me from falling asleep as the 4 other times I tried to watch it I was bored to sleep.) a month ago and I honestly felt it was nothing but stupid.

Now, I know people think I'll go after the obvious target with the DDR scene due to the 10+ logical errors in it alone, but given that most people simply are ignorant about the game (which in some cases is not their fault mainly due to their lack of exposure) which is something I'm used to now. In my case I am going to go after the fact that this film was extremely cheap as a whole when it comes to a story. It feels like the film has one Deus Ex Machina after another throughout. One thing I should point out in particular was the fact that people tried to say that J. P. was a satire of John Carmack which is a complete load of shit as John Carmack is actually a respected gaming developer so saying that is rather insulting to countless retrogamers.

Overall, I feel in a few years I will be vendicated when it comes to this film just like I was vendicated when people finally started to admit that the Big Lebowski wasn't as good as people made out to be. (It's only a decent film at best and what really cheapens that film is that it follows the same principle of several other Coen Brothers films.)