Amp Blasts: High End Videocards

Ten years ago, a top of the line videocard cost $300. With this $300, the cooling was such where two slots were not necessary. In addition, when buying it you knew that the card price wasn't going to be extremely subjective to change. In the past decade though, higher end videocards have just become bloated pieces of shit.

Now before getting angry at what I said, take this into consideration. Today, the Geforce GTX 690 was released which cost $999. The cooling solution to it is something that would take two slots and would still run at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit when idle. What's worse, in the next year this thing's cost will just drop left and right due to the current wars. The reality is that this videocard design style is impractical and is one of the reasons that we are still seeing the beyond awful Intel GPUs in computers that cannot run anything using 3D graphics worth a shit.

AMD and Nvidia need to do several things if they want to correct this. First, stop the ridiculous prices and start making cards that are a good combination of speed and cost. Second, the issues with heat dissipation need to be addressed in a much more elegant way than just forcing several slots of a computer case to be used. Third, stop with the knee jerk price changes on lower end products and still keeping the higher end at bullshit prices. Last, but definitely not least, stop making shit low end videocards that cannot run 3D graphics worth a shit and focus on mid to high end only. We have more than enough of those shit GPUs thanks to Intel.