Amp Blasts: Newegg

Like always, these are my views and opinions and are protected by the SX usage policy.

I may take some nuclear shit for going after Newegg as most of us have used it to buy hardware at some point. For that matter, I will mention that I used this site to purchase my motherboard, processor, and ram as the deals were very good and the vendor warranties made these purchases can't miss. However, some recent issues that have come to light are those that I feel need to be mentioned. With that in mind, let's talk about a few of these.

First off, the Egg Saver shipping, is not good at all. The best example of this is that I am STILL waiting on Heart of the Swarm to arrive, which I pre-ordered and it shipped from less than TWO STATES AWAY. This item shipped out a week ago and this has become outright abysmal to where I will have to contend with their support over this should it not appear in the next couple of days. Seriously, if the shipping is egg saver, you're fucked.

Then there is the bigger issue at hand with regards to some of their deals as recently, Newegg is starting to push the horrific scam known as Mail In Rebates. I remember Circuit City doing this for quite a while, and they kept getting in trouble for it until they finally stopped it. There are countless sites that talk about how awful these are and I don't really want to go into detail. Suffice it to say, I refuse to hand over any money outside of advertised price, as such I consider a price mentioned with mail in rebate to be nothing but a load of bullshit.

The biggest issue at hand is how they wish to try to hit people with RMA costs even when it shouldn't happen. This practice is nothing short of dirty and only hurts the customer. If a piece of hardware is unsatisfactory or does not work as advertised, this charge should NEVER happen. This is the biggest reason why I've went for products that had warranties OUTSIDE of Newegg.

Between these issues, I have reached the point where I feel that Newegg is not as good as it used to be. They have went from my first choice for hardware to a source for price-matching. I don't want it to be like this so I will give this one piece of advice to them. Focus on how to improve overall customer satisfaction instead of trying to make a quick buck as you'll make more money from that in the long run.