Amp Blasts: eSports!

Disclaimer: The following is written for humor and falls under the SX usage policy.

Ok, I retired 'Amp Blasts' back in May as at that point I couldn't really think of much of blast. Since then though, quite a bit of shit has went down. In addition, personal life events happened which inspired a special level of bile and fury that I haven't had in a long time. The end result is that I have decided to revive the blasts and go after eSports, one of the biggest loads of bullshit I have seen and I'd like to start with a comparison.

First off let's take a look at the majority of people who are developers at work. We see them working on design, or programming outright without showing very much emotion aside from when they communicate inter-personally. (Yes, I'm going to destroy the anti-social stereotype cause most developer jobs are on a team, thus necessitating social communication.) They are working productively on projects that will help the bottom line of their employer and at the same time hopefully furthering their own skill-set. Some of these jobs may be thankless for a variety of real world factors that can cause somebody to be unhappy with such a job, but that is normal. At the very least, they have a good living and are trying to be a productive member of society.

Now, I'm going to take a look at many eSports "professionals." They spend most of their time playing a videogame for hours on end, communicating only with people on their team and often in crass, unprofessional ways. Their social skills with most outsiders often reaches jack and shit. They are spending their time not being legitimately productive on anything, but just playing a game in the hope of somehow making money from playing a games that probably stopped being enjoyable due to the overkill of playing it. To me, this is fucking pitiful and the fact that people honestly think that eSports will pay the bills in the long run shows me they have no common sense whatsoever.

One of the things that recently provoked this is the horrific amount of people I saw obsessed with watching tournaments involving MOBAs such as League of Legends, FPS games such as Call of Duty, and the usual fighting game crowd. I look at many of the people in eSports and the reality is that a good amount of them don't do anything productive with their lives except play these games. More than that, I had the dubious honor of meeting Isaiah Triforce Johnson in 2010 and many of the old skool world record holders for videogames and it gives me good perspective. Most of the old skool crowd did something with their lives to be productive or not be total fucking basement dwellers. In the case of Triforce Johnson though, he was a douche with unwarranted self importance with no respect for anybody outside of gaming. Hell, I've heard the stories about Empire Arcadia, his "company", being just a group that can barely pay the bills on a crappy place to live in Brooklyn and running tournaments in the area with members of his own group in it so that they can win the prizes just to pay rent which in my opinion is outright fucking dirty. I am convinced that once Triforce loses his remaining relevance with regards to gaming, he'll forever be a pauper in this society cause all of his gaming skills will only translate to a fast food job that he'd probably couldn't hold down due to attitude problems.

This brings me to the biggest reality. When I look at eSports players, I see shit like (I know... it Kotaku, but that's a blast that I'll do at a later time) and it shows how sad some of these people are cause they have to scream in a room where everybody is in the same place, and wearing headsets at that. If this kid did something like that at his job, he would be showed the door. For that matter, if this kid did something like this around me or RaT in our houses, then we'd most likely bitchslap him immediately. I see these people and I question if they have any legitimate education whatsoever. (Also, allow me to state upfront that this means something BEYOND high school, even if it means self-taught.)

Overall, this makes me glad that I did a few things in my life. First, I'm glad that I left the gaming scenes that I was involved in back at the end of 2009. Second, I'm glad that I sought to further my education cause it made me realize how pathetic some of these little punks are. Last, but not least, seeing this shows me that even if I don't make much money in my life, at least I won't be socially exiled like these guys most likely will be.