Amp Blasts: iPhone fanboys!

Disclaimer: The following is intended to be for entertainment purposes only. These are the views of Amp only and are intentionally turned up to eleven in terms of nerd rage for the enjoyment of readers.

Since I took the piss straight out of Android, I figured its time to go after an aspect of the iPhone that does legitimately bother me. Now before I continue I will state that I legitimately feel that iOS is notedly superior to Android with regard to security, app development, optimization, and being generally user friendly. The one weakness that the iPhone itself has is that it cannot be customized as much as the android, but honestly speaking it isn't necessary. The big issue with the iPhone are the fan-boys who blindly support it and are generally uninformed.

Now to give a comparison I'm going to mention two different cases. The first case is when discussing it with members of the crew, they openly point out what are the strengths and weaknesses of the product in question and gave their reasons for buying it which is very respectable and shows me that their point of view is with legitimate merit. When discussing it with somebody like a Best Buy Mobile employee or Apple Store employee however, they lack this objectivity and are merely saying that its better without giving legitimate reasons. This logic just shows me that they are not versed in the product, which is a legitimate disservice to the customer and as many of them do own one it indicates to me that they could be tricked into buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

The biggest issue however is the discussion of security issues for smart-phones as some of these individuals will butt in for no legitimate reason. Rather than discuss the topic at hand, they will post "that's why I have an iPhone" which more often than not causes a unnecessary flame-war cause their fan-boy behavior has reached douche-con one. This type of behavior is what gives the "elitist" stigma to apple products and honestly this is happening cause some people don't know how to behave like a grown ass adult. Its ok to like a phone, but people who try to blindly push it on others televangelist-style are just making themselves look like complete and total assholes and are also pissing off the more level headed owners of that phone.