Brick and Mortar Black Friday: What's the point?

In the past I talked about how Brick and Mortar had reached a rather rediculous extent when it came to electronics prices. However, after today I have to conclude that it's anything outside of grocery shopping. Most of the sales going on for Best Buy's black friday involved garbage electronics or trying to give rid of their inventory of shit films like Fast and the Furious and Twilight (that's right, I have the balls to say Twilight fucking sucks and I don't give a damn what anybody else says.) instead of having worthwhile products available. The thing that I found to be rather pitiful though is that not only were brick and mortar stores STILL not meeting the prices of online vendors, but it also has reached the extent where the sales being done by online stores like Newegg and Amazon are outright blowing them away. With this in mind, the poor pricing and lack of selection has driven me to go online for all these purchases now which is rather sad since a few years back things were alot better. (Granted we are in a recession, but still this downward spiral started before that so this was happening prior to the economic downturn.) Furthermore, at this point in time I am blacklisting Best Buy as a franchise as between their epic fail when it comes to prices and selection, they also have some serious Equal Opportunity issues.

Update: Here's something even more pitiful. Target of all stores had Dark City and Goodfellas for $9 each on Blu-Ray along with a better selection than the pitiful joke that was the local Best Buy. Seriously, Best Buy can eat a dick.