Changes to Tutorial plans

Now that I have the first in what hopefully will be a series of tutorials intended to document lesser known capabilities in common hardware, I'm going to talk about the current plans for tutorials.

Originally, the plan for the next tutorial was going to be covering Free McBoot, which is a Playstation 2 exploit that runs from the memory card like the Independence Exploit did, but doesn't require a trigger disc and works for all Playstation 2s made before Late 2008. However, as I have found that other sites have done a hell of a job making tutorials for it I may not make it due to redundancy.

Also, during this weekend to co-inside with my Bemani and Bullet Hell theme I have with my channel, I will be putting up a video review over a shmup that came out in late 2007, but many people didn't even know it existed until it was ported to the Playstation 3.