Humble Indie Bundle #2 available until Tuesday Morning

It's not often I make a post like this, but this is a cause that I feel should be supported. The second Humble Indie Bundle has been available for a bit now and features five independent games that are actually good for what they are. In addition, the price on these games can be named on them so they can be bought for as little as one cent or in the case of the creator of Minecraft, $2,000. (I do think this atleast deserves a few bucks though.) The money can be split among the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play (which I strongly support as a charity), or leave a tip to those who set up this promotion to help recoup their costs. This is a very worthwhile cause so if possible try to spare a few bucks for these guys at for some good games.

Note: Something I didn't see until now is that a redemption code can be received for steam to add the three games that are currently available and the two other games will be added upon their release on Steam.