Initial Qt Impressions

With OFACE development having begun on my end officially when I have time available, I figure I would share some of the good and bad about what I have seen with the Qt Libraries so far. Now, despite my knowledge and experience, I refuse to call myself and expert in many programming concepts and merely just a journeyman who is working to become as diverse as possible. In addition, these are impressions that I have based on the work that I have done up to this point with the library which has been less than a week. Overall though, my initial impressions have been positive.

The IDE that I have opted to use is Qt Creator straight out of the gate. This provides me a WYSIWYG setup for many of the GUI elements. I will state that for the form-based work Qt Widgets is recommended, but for more dynamic content (such as having animations) Qt Quick serves as a good solution. The bigger advantage of this IDE is that for C++ work it is far better than the horrific experiences I have had with getting Eclipse to even work. This is a good advantage to me.

Another advantage is that the Qt libraries are much more powerful than I have anticipated. Some of the tasks that I thought I would have to create manually with C++ (which while annoying, was something I was wanting to do for some aspects as for OFACE I want to avoid some of the libraries provided by Windows for C++ due to their antiquated nature.) I actually found preexisting libraries to simplify matters and speed up development. I will state that some of the libraries are not perfect and I don't like some of the example usages, but that is me nitpicking a bit. Overall though, the libraries do go a long way in helping make platform neutral products.

Overall, my impressions have been pretty positive. They only major complaint that I can come up with is that the memory usage of Qt programs is a bit more than I prefer to see, but then again I have not looked into how to best optimize the memory usage. Aside from that, most of the capabilities I have with it are really good. So good in fact that I have debated making a platform neutral notepad application with it just so that I don't have to use different programs when I switch between different OSes.