Mini-Review: Tunnelr VPN service

Recently, I did a blasts post about the six strikes policy. While it was changed to only go after public torrent sites, it does feel like more and more the monitoring and filtering is reaching a point where it is unacceptable. As a result, I decided to test out the Tunnelr VPN service at RaT's recommendation. Now for my usage I opted to go for the OpenVPN solution, but there are also SSH and PPTP tunnel services available through them. Overall, it is about what I expected in terms of the good and bad when using a tunnel service.

The good aspect is that on a wired connection, you get a consistently good connection so speeds should be close to your maximum. However, I can confirm that on Windows OpenVPN is MUCH slower on wireless so do take that into consideration. Another issue at hand is that as there are many people using these servers, there may be issues with users who may be using tunnel services for nefarious methods and google will block searching from whatever it considers to be nefarious or use a CAPCHA to confirm that you are a real user. Aside from this, I have had a pretty good experience with this service and would recommend it to people who want a good tunnel that focuses on anonymity but without having to spend a considerable amount of money.