Nvidia Drivers: What happened?

For those not in the know, I strongly dislike ATI videocards cause for the longest time they made use of German developers for the drivers who in my opinion had their heads straight up their asses due to all the problems they had. While they may have gotten better when ATI catalyst came out, there are still issues with their hardware, of note being their mobile GPUs running at unacceptable temperatures. Finally, their Linux drivers were nothing short of atrocious until late 2007. As a result of these issues I dumped them in favor of Nvidia and was introduced to what was known as the Detonator Drivers (now known as Forceware) which were painless compared to ATI.

In the past year however Nvidia's drivers have had some substansial stability issues and also have had problems with handling overscan compensation correctly for people who used the cards on HDTVs like myself. The most recent drivers though have had the most issues as while they corrected it so height and width can be resized, they went back to the wacky resolution cropping method which is rather bad for programs that cannot handle custom resolutions. With this in mind I have to ask why Nvidia has been doing nothing to improve this as there are plenty of people who use their videocards for Home Theater PC setups, of note being the fact that their rivalry with ATI has intensified in the past year.

Personally, I hope to see Nvidia return to form, but right now they are too busy trying to push PhysX (which 95% of PC gamers will most likely NEVER use) and other bullshit gimmicks instead of giving us kickass drivers.