Nvidia's TITANIC: Set up to sink!

Recently, Nvidia launched the TITAN videocard which is intended to be the end all, be all single GPU videocard which could have really helped give them an advantage over AMD. With rumors of the Radeon HD 8000 series being pushed back towards the end of the year, there are no new products in sight from that series. However, it was the handling of TITAN that doomed the videocard.

The basic reality is this, I mentioned in a blasts post that videocards going over $400 was madness. In the case of this videocard, it is $1000 which I find to be just outright stupid given the fact that performance for it is not as good as the Geforce GTX 690 videocard, a dual GPU card that is the same price. I know that the compute speed of this videocard is considered to be a noted improvement over the 600 series, but what's the point. If Nvidia is going to price they products so that they are almost guaranteed to fail then they shouldn't be surprised when they do.