OFACE: Consumer of Crew Members

Well, looks like I have been asked to take a stab at OFACE by RaT. I have read through the notes about it (Of note being https://www.soldierx.com/bbs/201101/OFACE-Testing?page=2#comment-12597 which makes some good points) and have decided to come to a few decisions.

1. OFACE may benefit the most from being redone from the ground up.
2. The main initial focus will be on a minimalist, effective, and expandable core back-end.
3. The initial focus will be on working with a small number of applications to create one template that allows for OFACE to be expanded in a modular manner by both myself and others within SX.
4. GUI is to be focused on after the back-end is in an acceptable state.

This is what I have seen of this so far and over the weekend I will be fleshing out more details of this with RaT.