Opinion on phone records collecting

In the last few days, it has come to light that ten days after the Boston Marathon bombing, all phone records from Verizon have been collected. Some levels of the government have said this is warranted to help fight terrorism, with Obama talking about trying to find the right balance between privacy and national security. Many individuals feel though that such an action is an act akin to Big Brother from the novel '1984.' Personally, I feel that this is proof that privacy in the United States may now be irreversibly compromised.

Now, as somebody who saw the horrific footage of the Boston Marathon Bombing it was truly a tragedy. This was something where justice was demanded as it was a terrorist attack and rightfully so. With that in mind, one suspect has been apprehended and the other one killed. So let me ask what exactly warranted the order to track these phone records?

The reality is that when it comes to privacy, Obama has now stated two different things. In 2007, he stated that we would not conduct spying on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. However, this recent issue and his defense of phone record collecting has now gone completely at odds with what he has said in the past. As such, this leads me with no other option but to call him an outright hypocrite for what he has done.

In addition, the fact of the matter is that barring massive public outcry, nothing will truly be done about this matter. The reality is that I would love to see this happen as we need to make our voices heard like we did for SOPA and PIPA. However, with some politicians going so far as to call people bullies for doing such a thing, I question if they truly want to listen. With that in mind, I think there is a chance for politicians to be more resistant to listen to public outcry against this unless it was larger than what it was for SOPA and PIPA.

The basic reality is that we have reached a huge crossroads now and if people want to see REAL change, they will have to act. An act invading privacy has been committed. The big question is if people are willing to call out the government for this? More importantly, how will this shape future issues concerning privacy as this could either improve the situation for the better or just be the beginning of more issues like this coming to pass.