Overrated Companies 2: Harmonix

For those living under a rock, I play rhythm games. One thing that has been very crappy though is that people automatically try to associate me with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, both made by Harmonix. Here's the reality folks, the whole keysound and rhythm gaming idea was started in 1997 when Konami started their Games and Music Division (Which would later be renamed to Bemani) not these Americunts and aside from a few Korean rhythm games nobody's been able to top the quality of these releases. Now, the reason why I state Harmonix is an overrated company is cause practically every game they've done rides the coattails of prior releases, but that is only the beginning of my issue with them.

Last week, Harmonix's parent company Viacom countersued Konami cause Rock Revolution (Which was a crap british attempt to cash in on GH/RB) 'violated a patent on instrument-shaped controllers' even though Konami started making use of instrument shaped controllers in 1999, 8 years before this bullshit patent. It doesn't end there though, what I read when I did go through Harmonix's patent, it claims that they 'improved upon' the Beatmania control scheme. That's right, a company that uses easily breakable controllers, garbage control boards, and laggy as shit wireless is trying to say their stuff is better than a IIDX arcade cabinet.

It's pretty clear to me that Harmonix is completely full of fucking shit and whoever said this shit needs to be castrated and raped by a horse AT THE SAME TIME.