The Robberbarons of Misfortune

Disclaimer: The following views and opinion are Amp's only and are not SX's views. In addition, this is not in the vein of Amp Blasts and is done to be more serious.

By this point, most of our US viewers know about the details of the unfortunate shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado. I don't feel like I need to go over the details of that tragic incident. If individuals want to focus on that incident, my suggestion is to be concerned with the well-being of the victims and their families as they most likely need as much support as possible. What this post focuses on instead is on some aspects of the media and authority figures who rather than focus on that, have worked to try to find something to blame and in some cases seek to profit from incidents such as this as after seeing posts like this I felt this needed to be addressed.

One of the best examples seen of this was the Columbine shootings that took place on April, 20th 1999. While most people have moved on, the aftermath of this incident effects my life to this very day. In the aftermath of the shootings, the media opted to focus on attempting to blame the music the individuals listened to and the video games they played. Meanwhile, many public school systems, including my own, decided to enact zero tolerance policies concerning students. What I didn't realize though was that the zero tolerance in many respects was for students who were different than normal.

It was on April 26th that I would be suspended indefinitely by my own high school on charges that were not told to me, and when revealed were proven to be unfounded. I saw that the individual who pushed for my suspension was my own guidance counselor who apparently would later state to my parents the next year that I was a "bad person" and I had "no future." What made this more insane was that there were almost 100 other individuals that like me was suspended in this fashion. While we did successfully fight off these accusations, this did cause many of my grades for that semester to plummet, and was a big enough black eye to keep me from being able to attend any legitimate college for almost a decade.

It was after other similar incidents that I noticed the same people were stepping up to move forward. People like my high school counselor who was supposed to "guide" me, but in reality acted in her own interest. Most recently the anti-bullying issue showed this same individual, who is now retired from her position, try to do a event about bullying. In my opinion however, she was the biggest bully that I ever had to contend with. What is more worrying is that there are still individuals who act in this manner and are currently acting like this in light of the recent incident in Aurora, Colorado.

The behavior that I saw from individuals like this is one where it feels like they are trying to benefit from the misery of others. It has reached a point in fact that I am inclined to consider these individuals a modern day equivalent of robber barons as to me, they don't provide any legitimate help to others. Rather than try to use their position to help others like they should, they are using it to help only themselves. With that in mind, I do feel that individuals such as this need to be held accountable for their tasteless actions.

Now, by holding somebody accountable, my recommendation is that it be done respectfully in a public forum and not through some random act of violence. This will allow for others to know that they are not on the level. In addition, this allows the individual who had acted with this conduct to attempt to respond, which most of the time will be in a manner where they give some vague and worthless response that shows them for being in the wrong or outright will make a response that shows that their interest is only in themselves. I think we need to have more accountability for people to act better than trying to find some cheap source of blame or to act like the only solution is to treat somebody who is different poorly without any legitimate reason.