Serial Experiments Lain on Blu-Ray?

Recently, I was alerted by RaT that Geneon was working on a remastered 1080p release of Lain for Blu-Ray for an October 2010 release. What I have seen looks legitimately impressive, but there are a few small issues. First, it's going to be a limited pressing from Japan. Second, it's going to be $300 to get it. Third, given the track record about these types of remastering of shows like this it may not reach the US. (The best example of this was the remastering of End of Evangelion which to this day has not seen a domestic release thanks in part to the douchebags at Manga Entertainment.) As a result of this I figure that I may as well make this plea.

For those who are fans of this series and want to see this get a domestic release there MAY be something we can do. Earlier this year, Funimation as earlier this year they licensed the rights from Geneon Entertainment. This seems to be a positive development, but right now there is nothing listed about any releases of the series and it is not known when it would happen. As a result, the one thing that can make a difference is to make our voices heard about this to Funimation in the hope that this release does happen. It helped us finally get the Dragon Box in the US and it may help in this scenario as well.

The only other option is to pay $300 for the Japanese Blu-Ray release which doesn't have subtitles.