Should my PSP modding tutorials be updated?

Along with the other tutorial I am planning, there is some debate on if I should revisit the topic of PSP modding. The reason for this is that since writing my tutorial there have been some major developments.

- Currently, Official Firmware is at version 6.31 and the guide that I wrote cannot run UMDs that require anything beyond 5.03.
- CFW Enabler uses m33, which probably won't see another update as Dark_AleX is no longer working on it. Since then, Team GEN's Custom Firmware has overtaken m33 in terms of quality and work.
- Furthermore, an add-on for the GEN CFWs known as Prometheus has come out that allows for UMDs and ISOs of 6.xx games to be played without patching if no anti-piracy failsafes are on the game.

While patching ISOs to make them run on Custom Firmware can still be done, the OFW check on UMDs bugs me enough to legitimately consider updating these guides. The main thing that will make me decide on if I should update these is if there is enough demand.