Windows antivirus software, as dangerous as the malware it's supposed to stop?

Ok, recently on my laptop I opted to start using a antivirus program as I cannot use Linux on it. (Thanks GAYTI, your shitty Mobility Radeon GPU is straight f*cked cause they they overheat in general, but it's even worse in Linux.) What I saw when I did scans was that several things I used that were confirmed as safe were given false positives which was nothing short of annoying. The worst thing is that from what I've read some programs have given these false positives for 2-3 years and acknowledged it, yet won't do anything about it. The simple reality is that shows a lack of common sense as some programs that I use on a regular basis that I know are safe and open source projects at that are getting flagged as malware and these vendors will do nothing about it.

The reality is that many of these antivirus programs are a huge drag on processing power, often are missing information on major malware threats, and with these false positives they serve as a threat almost as bad as the very malware it's supposed to stop. The worst thing is their approach to stopping malware, instead of stopping general attacks, they only stop one particular attack at a time so several different variants of the SpySherriff can hit somebody with ease. To put it best, here's the real life equivalent of how they work on malware protection that I came up with RaT.

Pretty much let's say I go to one of the developers of these pieces of software and kick him in the nuts. He'll know next time that if I walk straight up and get ready to kick him in the nuts that he should defend himself, yet by their broken logic I could walk up again, shake their hand, THEN kick them in the nuts cause they wouldn't know better cause they would expect me to do it directly. Once they figure out not to trust that then somebody else could still walk up to them, pat them on the back, and THEN kick them in the nuts and the cycle would just go on due to their lack of common sense.

With this in mind, I have to openly condemn many of the commercial malware removal programs for these reasons.