A war that cannot be won...

The post today is about a war that most of us have come to realize has become a no-win scenario due to the current strategies and methods that are being used. One that has ruined the lives of countless people, cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, and has even entangled the highest levels of the government. Most of all, this conflict is one that was started truly under false pretenses, and to this day is still being fought blindly by many without justification.

Now, at this point I'm sure most people reading this are thinking I'm covering OIF or Afghanistan. However, they are actually wrong cause this is the war on drugs! In the following video, Penn and Teller call bullshit on this war.

The only thing I'm against when it comes to the drug culture are lame wannabe stoner films like Grandma's Boy. Seriously, it took an hour for the first funny joke to be done cause of how unoriginal the film is.