Kayin's blog


In the beginning there was a Mr.E that needed to be solved.
This was repression, abuse, and exile.
From this pain emerged a black quiet.
It was random, out of control, and strong.
But it was the quiet that formed him.
In the black of a single night Kayin was born.

He is the middle of child of 2 other K's
His potential was unknown.
The First wanted total control.
The Last wanted separation - to embrace the exile.
The war between the youngest and the eldest unveiled a terror.
It was the terror that was truly in command.

On and on the puppets danced.
On and on the pain grew.
It grew from the inside out.
Soon, the manifestation took form.
The dance was nearly over.

Struggling to survive the Mr.E sought it's secret.
Here, in this world, the Mr.E assembled the corners to it's puzzle.
It was here where the exile was welcomed.
It was here where the abuse found it's brothers.
It was here where the repression ended.

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