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Why? Why is it many don't see this world for what it is. A controlled matrix.

Its like surrogates except your body is your machine. A gigantic computer ran by several moving individual vessels populating a gigantic screen of projection. Inception within inception inside a gigantic quantum computer.

You got billions of vessels running around with no security and no idea about the layers and layers of networking created that binds every single mind into one mind. Yet you have millions of vessels running around stating "We are one" I ask this question here for hope that the soldierx community can perceive what I see better than the multitude of programmed vessels roaming the planet.

Then again many have called me crazy for my claims. Literally obtained a degree in Psychology just to shake of mental illness accusations. Once that was conquered I went to learn coding but the work done on my own brain has prevented me from a lot. Practicing REBT and NLP to literally program the mind beyond what the system has developed as programming really opened my eyes to a new structure that I was stuck living in.

"Change your mind, change your reality" One of the dumbest quotes I loath seeing or hearing. You here it everywhere from self help gurus and more. Yet none of them are reprogramming their minds in the likes of a computer let alone a quantum computer. "Your mind projects reality" Again why not program your mind to actually see the machine and function within the machine as a hacker would program a computer? Mainly because they don't understand the likes of conditioning or mental programming.

Its not an easy task and is not something you can do on your own. Imagine Factory resetting your mind at age 30 solo and reprogramming it. You go insane their is no avoiding it, but you have to have the mental power to overcome it until you can find a new home that understands your way of thinking.

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