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Australian Governments new amendments to Internet Filter

you may recall my rant concerning the Great Australian Firewall in which Child Abuse would be filtered by the government (among other unspecified items).
Well they have decided to extend their censorship laws to include all torrents and now are targeting the gaming community

"The Federal Government has now set its sights on gamers, promising to use its internet censorship regime to block websites hosting and selling video games that are not suitable for 15 year olds."


Hey all most of you probably don't know me or don't care who I am Tongue

But I thought an explanation as to why I have not been around is in order (as I did promise to send a tut in and a few other things).

Anyways to put it simply I have been busy as a mofo.
-1. Building new web apps and updating old ones for work (someone in the I.T dept forgot that when you build a new server that you should also back the bastard up and as a consequence I have lost about a years worth of programming work , I think that person has heard about that for the past month).

Australia Set to Join China in Internet Censorship

Before the Election in Australia, The Labor Party (Formally the Communist Party of Australia 1922-1991)
added a little section to their election campaign promises, to provide controlled internet to "protect" the children. This started with the government providing a filtering service for each household (which was broken in 20 minutes by a kid).

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