Hey all most of you probably don't know me or don't care who I am Tongue

But I thought an explanation as to why I have not been around is in order (as I did promise to send a tut in and a few other things).

Anyways to put it simply I have been busy as a mofo.
-1. Building new web apps and updating old ones for work (someone in the I.T dept forgot that when you build a new server that you should also back the bastard up and as a consequence I have lost about a years worth of programming work , I think that person has heard about that for the past month).
2. Somehow I've been given the job to install 70 odd switches and patch them all for work (how the web app developer gets that job I dunno ). Our Core has a built in Web filtering system of which is still in default mode and SX is blocked under Criminal Activity so I cannot get on at work even if I wanted to at this stage.
3. I am in the process of going into one of two places either the South Australian Police Force or the 4RAR(Cdo) Unit(Royal Australian Regiment Commandoes, one of two Spec Ops Command groups).... (of which if I am accepted at either I wont be back online and contributing for another year at least).

So anywho theres the story. Hopefully I can get a chance to wipe some work off my plate and I can contribute some useful stuff.