I am study DDOS atack..since this place is the rigth place to share..we hope this education..use for revenge bad thing become good news..i mean use it responbility..your own risk..

I am study to wreck easy is accurate by exe file..any exe file will be read as app file..i am study not an expert anyway..i found little hole ..every computer need flash bios to run windows or any os..why they never see this weakness..since..virus can be run automaticly..why this is so hard to build DDOS..attacking server or link ..maybe need this software..why dont use this bios to attack..i used screen appearance and maybe damaging the processor..

sorry ..i am not learn english very well..
i want to invite brothers and sisters to try..
read this rules first..

1. never ever use your own bios(example..:your computer is dell then your victim is dell ..dont use this attack)(your computer must be diferrent type..example: your computer is dell..attack any other version except dell or you use not the same type of computer your use to attack)

2.I ussual use linux os then u will be safe..

3.Dont try to run it from your computer since this flash bios is not automaticly know what kind of your computer..(company weakneses)

my attemp..
my notebook is mac then i download dell bios..
after download then its only small maybe range 2-4mb only ..
download it from the official dell..
i use break exe..
it must be notepad or system.ini..
then there is your point..
change the bios command will be terminated the brain..
anybody there..please try it and maybe u virus will be the dangerous virus in the world..
please try responbility then walaaa...
u never believe the result..i was did it..maybe hard liltle bit..keep going..never be detected..

dont pm me..i am carefully person..