Ok so this is a little far fetched with current tech, meh food for thought

Ok so I have a vision of a future product. It's honest viability: unknown.
The mind, mans greatest enigma, has puzzled us since the early philosophers and physicians started
to study ourselves. Obviously we have found out that our brain functions on electrical impulses.
So our thoughts have to be just electrical signals resonating at specific frequencies, hence EKG
machines to look at patterns of frequency. We have found that the brain resonates at a very low frequency.

In theory we can one control thoughts by matching up the frequencies and sending the data to the brain.
If the frequency would be compatible the brain might accept it.

Now to the main topic: Telepathic Communication
I do not believe it to be in the realm of reality to just think a thought and have it transmit directly
to another person brain. However, I do think it would be possible to have a device to interface the brainwaves
There would have to be a pattern of communication in every persons brain. I would think that it works
similarly across the board, at least that portion of the mind. If the device could amplify those frequencies
It could have a means of amplifying and transmitting that thought to another device. I am not sure
on the best way to transmit the thought would be though. I think for people who can see have a
well trained visual cortex and can usually recreate images really well from memory based on what
was seen. So transmitting pictures could possibly work better than maybe converting the idea into
sound. Anyway, the next step I would love to see with this is directly injecting data into your brain. You could
learn a new language in a matter of minutes. Now if that is not some matrix shit there.
I do fear the day this is ever possible though. The exploitability of this would be crazy, and
exactly what big bro would love to happen. Imagine being able to directly input into a human brain.

How do you think this would go? What are some big flaws in this idea? How would you go about it?
If a device like this came out would you be an the beta list?

feel free to comment or add to the idea, enjoy;