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Yeah, so I had a car that was in our apartment's garage. Yesterday I found a tow sticker on it. They were completely within their right to put it on, but the thing is, I was also completely within my right to not have tags, as the car isn't driven. So, today I had to go out and fix up ole betsy, and get her purrin again, as she hadn't even been cranked in over a year. It's now my wake up time from yesterday, and I have now officially been awake for 24hrs straight. Thank god for the weekend: I'm going to bed!

PS: I know nothing about cars, so it's a good thing google is my bitch.

A half-assed guide to Computer Repair

Some may consider this a half-assed guide to fixing computers. I consider it logic.
These are the questions I ask myself every time I look at a broke computer (obviously I don't answer myself...
most of the time):

Does the system power on?
  Do You See Lights On The Front?
  Do you see lights on the back?
  Do you see error code lights?
    Did you research them with the manufacturer?
  Do the fans spin?
    Do the fans continue to spin?
  Does the CD drive light blink?
    Does the CD drive open?
      Did you pull out the CD in the drive and try again?
  Do the keyboard lights flash / stay on / blink once?
  Did you change the power supply?
  Do you get monitor output?
    Are errors displayed?
      Did you google those errors?
  Do you get speaker output?
  Do you get a BIOS boot beep?
  Do you hear continued beeps coming from inside your case?
    Did you google the beep code?  ex:
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