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hey I want to learn Java anyone knows any site plz suggest it to me but I want video tutorials
thx in advance


1. First of all download the Gmail Phisher.
2. Extract the rar file now you will get three files as given below:
3. Upload all the Three files to any of the free Web hosting server. Remember while creating the account on these servers try the username as nearer as possible to the original URL like mail.gmaile or maile.gmall etc.. As its the most crucial step. Some Free Web hosting servers are given below you can also find few more for yourself.
4. Once you have uploaded all the
three files to web hosting server now
you have to send these to your victim.
This is the most important step
regarding smart phishing technique.
Most People use same password for
orkut and gmail and here is the main
hack lies. What you have to do you
have to send the HTML email to the
victim which looks similar to the Orkut
scrap to his email you can easily do

how to hack wap/wap2

1. Backtrack 4 life CD/USB or installation;
2. Willing to read all this Smile
The first you can download for free from
Username to enter backtrack: root
Password: toor
Type startx and hit ENTER key to fire up
the graphic of BT4.
Web need opened 3 terminals and let's
1. Airomon-ng stop wlan0 (This
command stops the wifi adaptor)
2. Airomon-ng start wlan0 (This
command starts the wifi adaptor in
monitoring mode)
3. Airodump-ng wlan0 (This command is
used only to pick network for test,by
signal strenght, channel, BSSID, ESSID.
The command is stopped with CTRL+C,
we are looking for network WPA or
4. Airodump-ng --channel (Channel
number) --bssid (MAC address of the
network) -w (File name to be saved the
captured information) wlan0 (Leave this
running and open new terminal)
Here is a good idea to mention that there
is two ways to get the key, one to wait for
client AP (access point) handshake or two

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