The Future: OMGWTF

Today we are inundated with technology. It seems to me that very little of it is under our control. No I do not mean the machines are rebelling against us despite what you non-functional technology would have you believe. I don't actually know what the fuck I'm talking about. Perhaps I'm envisioning a world where everyone is surveilled by drones, and information is controlled under a hierarchical structure or maybe I'm disconcerted because the so called information revolution has not spontaneously created a utopia.

I've fallen into a common error of attributing the human use of technology to the actual tech itself, silly me. When in fact the emerging use of our near universal interconnectedness emphasizes the way things actually where

So of course today we have virtual mall culture. Instead of merely talking to a neighbor about insipid an inane bullshit, I can talk to a stranger I'll never see in person and never see again about insipid and inane bullshit then get on a bus and make conversation with a grand total of no one. I don't think its unlikely that the breadth of human expression suffers when the majority of the population interacts through goddamn text and smiley faces!! D:. I don't even know my neighbors on this floor. I'd assumed that in the beginning a person was driven to the internet as a last resort for social attention or information because after all that was its initial purpose. Lindy Sue from the cheer team would be just fine talking with other people like her.

Let's pretend for a minute I'm cultured and sophisticated, my dear fellows;

WTF is this shit
This photographer is clearly an amateur with no ability to remember a pose and not enough money to buy a tripod. Wait a minute, this setup looks vaguely familiar. She must have had one of those new fangled rapid exposure cameras that could take a picture in 5 seconds. She must be... showing off her ass?

In my opinion the main problem with technology is that we use it. On Facebook you can connect with friends and the
world, in fact you are able to expose yourself only to people you consciously want. You can surround yourself with the ideas you like, the people who agree with you, and the domain in which you are king. There's like a million fucking Aesops detailing exactly why this is a bad idea. What makes a word macro different from an advertisement for Coca-Cola?

So here's a question to you, what are you really getting out of your time on the global network?

A police raid suspects 3d printed gun factory.
Hackers develop anti-uav missile with over the counter model rocket.
Unicorns found to be real.