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interpreting the silence.

being a lip reader has always been a very big myth about the cia.
the first thing that you are supposed to do is to pay attention at when you sneeze it means that you asserted as a foxhound, the other is that when your head is itchy remember to scratch it so you have the signal that you thought wisely, the other is the sound of silence it is the sound of like a little bee that is constant and is the metaphor of understanding that it comes from one ear and it gets through the other, that is the metaphor of only one mouth and two ears is it not a signal enough for what is to hear more than speak, it is the sound of a deaf tone, if you see like a little dot that appears on the movie it means that you hit it straight.

the pulse of specimen in the head of the penis is mandatory to understand that in that case that sign means like stop harassing me.

have a nice day.

salutes and braille system for everybody.

to have the manual of braille system you should write the following in a piece of paper. you put the following command so you can read it with your fingerprints the command is this one:

. . .
: . . .

that code is in braille system but remember you must read it according to the back of the scripture in a piece of paper, try to do it with a needle and a sheet of paper so you can feel on the back the message, that is really important in computer hacking for manuals like what is actually like to clone credit cards and you see the number five in the atm. more information in a new post by the way.

salutes to everybody.

i just wanted to say hi, i would like to know many hackers of this website, my knowledge of computers is minimal acording to many people however it is common sense what is the graphic interface and even the command prompt, i have not understood already what is linux, however if somebody can asess me i would appreciate.

i also know what is a brute force attack dictionary.

the rest is for newbies.

have a nice day.

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