About w0rm

So me. I am a high school student that loves to program and make things. My love for programming was started by my dad, who himself is an insane programmer, and a really smart guy. My first programming experience was back in 2007(I was 8 ), when my dad installed Flash MX on my computer. He installed flash on my computer just because he had another copy, and he thought that it would be fun thing for me to do. The first program I ever made(with my dad), was not your hello world program, but a program that did this:

In pseudocode:

int dog_number = 1;

while(dog < 10){
print("Dog" + dog_number + "chased the cat");
dog_number += 1;

At the time I thought it was such a dumb program. I was little, and I wanted to program games, not little programs that did apparently nothing. I wanted to do visual things, but my dad made me learn core actionscript. That did teach me an important lesson when I started to program games, as I knew the language in it's entirety when I moved on to making games. What he taught me was to learn the language, not just know enough to get by.

The first flash game that I made was dumb. It wasn't even a game. And I thought it was so cool. I made a little flash magic 8 ball. My first thing I did all by my self.

The next thing I got into was HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After learning a lot, I tried to make a little webpage maker, that was in the browser. Long story short, I didn't think it through at all, but it did work. The web pages just looked really bad. My dad saw I was trying to make interactive web pages, so he installed WAMP server on my computer, so I could mess around with server side stuff. This was like when I was 10. PHP was really hard for me; so was SQL, and my next project that I worked on for a while was trying to make a simple forum from scratch. What it ended up being was a simple anonymous text bulletin board(I was to dumb to figure out how to make it so you could have users).

My last big project was when I was in 8th grade. i downloaded the Unity game engine, and wanted to make a game. I learned unity, then tried to make a game. The game was a spherical world, where you could walk around the world. But I had a problem. Unity was only good for flat worlds, worlds where the land was a plane, but not good for sphere worlds. So, I taught myself calculus so I could program my own physics engine. I learned Calc, and then went to program my physics engine. The programming was to much, so I gave up. Sad

I stopped programming for a while, because for some reason I started getting good at drawing, and I thought that I wanted to be an artist. Art was my new obsession. I'm not going into detail here because it is irrelevant.

I got back into programming and I now remember why I was so passionate about it. I just love making things, and creating things that make my life easier, and others. While doing some surfing on some forums, I found something called Pen Testing. Then I looked deeper, and found that it was basically legal hacking, which is something I would like to do. Pen testing I think would be a cool career. I have been trying to learn all I can about it, and then I stumbled across this site by a lucky Google search.

I am glad to be a part of such a good community, around people that know what they're doing. I hope to give back in anyway I can.

I am going to try to go a weekly blog entry with my doings. Some of the posts will be tutorials, others will just be mussing of life.

Thanks for reading,