AJ00200 is a Python, PHP, Javascript Programmer from the US. He is known for his projects: BBot the IRC Bot and CryoJS, a JavaScript secure login tool. He is also working a project called Imitator to identify dangerous redirects, malware, and other hazards that are present in URLs. You can normally find him at irc.ospnet.org (port 6667; SSL 6697) in the channel #aj00200 and in irc.freenode.net (port 6667; SSL 7000) in #bbot.

He enjoys wringing video games and make calculator games for the TI 83 and up. He currently has a TI-84 Plus Silver Editon.


Coded Whitebox Software, collection of tools for censorship evasion. It includes an easy to use interface for PGP encryption, alternative DNS resolvers, tools to defeat key logging, real time traffic analysis to detect malware and spyware, invisible chat rooms, privacy enhanced text editors and terminals, tools to mess with various monitoring software, secure file deletion tools, tools to obscure your screen to prevent shoulder surfing, and a password manager.

Developer of Winter Project, a project devoted to IRC anti-spam measures through a variety of means.

Coded SpamSploit, a framework for writing and testing IRC code, particularly made for testing and improving anti-spam bots such as BBot.

Author of jHS, a powerful JavaScript application debugger.

Coded Pyrria which is an effort to create an open source server in Python for the Terraria game.

Created XSSeducation which is a set of Cross Site Scripting attack challenges for people just learning about XSS to people who just want a good place to practice their already awesome skills.


One of the guys behind Anon Plus Radio

Contributor of the ProjectX Blog