Agent Steal

IRL Name: 
Justin Tanner Petersen

Hacker that was part of a group consisting of himself, Kevin Poulsen, and Ron Austin. Turned informant and worked for the FBI. He got his handle when he was first being investigated by case agent Special Agent Steele. Was arrested for credit card fraud, and breaking & entering.
Was caught on August 1994. He was only living around the corner from the FBI.

He died in early March 2010 in his apartment in LA.


Assisted the FBI in building cases against Kevin Poulsen, Ron Austin, Kevin Mitnick, and many others.

Committed further Computer Crimes while working for the FBI. Became a fugitive in 1993 when questioned about it.

Character "Icebreaker" in the movie "Takedown" was based on him.

Has also used the aliases Eric Heinz and Samuel Grossman

Took his website offline after it appeared on


Tapped his girlfirend's phone to make sure John Draper hadn't "whistled her way".

Shut down his website,, after it was made fun of on

Freelances Geek Squad work for money due to his conviction not allowing him to work at Best Buy.