Alexey Ivanov

IRL Name: 
Alexey Ivanov

Alexey Ivanov is the associate of Vasily Gorshkov and that both of them came from from Chelyabinsk, Russia. They were sent to prison in November 2011 for criminal arrangement, computer hacking, blackmail and other crimes. Gorshkov was jailed in Seattle, where his incriminating boasting took place. Ivanov was flown east, to Connecticut, to be tried in the home state of the Online Information Bureau—one of several companies whose servers he had breached. The federal agents who arrested the Russians brandished a short catalog of cybercrime allegations. They claimed that the Russians had tried to extort money from scores of U.S. companies, including Central National Bank of Waco, Texas; Nara Bank N.A. of Los Angeles; and a Seattle-based ISP called Speakeasy. As it turned out, most of the allegations were right on the money.


Ivanov and Gorshkov had, among other things, tapped a database of an estimated 50,000 credit cards, and they were making good use of some of them.

He served three years and eight months in jail and owes more than $800,000 in restitution.

Admitted to hacking into 16 companies.