Alexey Sintsov

IRL Name: 
Alexey Sintsov

Alexey Sintsov is a Russian infosec enthusiast and one of the co-organizers of ZeroNights conference. He got his fame by finding numerous 0-day vulnerabilities in the software of giant vendors like SAP, VMware, IBM, Adobe, Google as well as in Russian remote banking systems, thus inflicting great horror and shame over the Russian infosec field.


In 2011, Alexey was also rewarded by Yandex for crushing the mail service in the name of supporting the domestic producer (and lust for money).

He published a manual about writing JIT-Spray shellcode for fun and profit under ActionScript (Flash) and JavaScript (Safari).

Some of his exploits and vulnerability disclosures can be found in Exploit-DB and Packetstorm.