Andrés Riancho

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Andrés Riancho

Andrés Riancho is an information security researcher from Argentina who is the Director of Web security at Rapid7 and founder of Bonsai, where he is mainly involved in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Research. His main focus has always been the Web Application Security field, in which he developed w3af a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework used extensively by penetration testers and security consultants. Andrés has spoken and hold trainings at many security conferences around the globe, like OWASP World C0n (USA), CanSecWest (Canada), T2 (Finland) and ekoparty (Buenos Aires).


In the research field, he discovered critical vulnerabilities in IPS appliances from 3com and ISS; and contributed with SAP research performed at his former employer.

Lead the development of NeXpose's Web application security scanner.

Certified Scrum Master