IRL Name: 
Georg Avanesov

Georg Avanesov is a Russian citizen who was given a four-year prison sentence in Armenia in the year 2010 for creating and distributing the Bredolab botnet and malware. Bredolab is a a botnet that infected an estimated 3 million PCs per month through virus-laden e-mails and booby-trapped Web sites. Avanesov developed Bredolab in Armenia around March 2009 and used computer servers in Holland and France to spread the virus.


Avanesov was arrested in October 2010 at Zvartnots airport in Yerevan, Armenia, a day after the Dutch High Tech Crime Unit disrupted the Bredolab botnet and seized 143 servers that were used to control it

An affiliate of, the global spamming operation whose members are blamed for sending a majority of the world’s pharmaceutical spam.

Sold parts of Bredolab botnet to other clients of his, who could upload their own malware loaders, FTP [password] grabbers, whatever they wanted.

He has been hanging out in IRC since 1999.

Used the e-mail address “[email protected]" for many years wherein the domain has long been associated with a variety of malicious software families.


Learned to **ck in 1999.