Ben Stark

IRL Name: 
Ben Stark

Part of a group nicknamed the "Deceptive Dou"

Drew public attention in April 2002 for cracking government websites and defacing them with a patriotic "mission outline" in which they described themselves as anonymous US citizens determined to save the country from cyberterrorists by exposing security holes in critical infrastructures.
(Damn this sounds like a movie ;p )

"Tighten the security before a foreign attack forces you to," the Duo's defacements typically read. "At a time like this, we cannot risk the possibility of compromise by a foreign enemy." Accompanying the text was the group's logo: two handguns against the backdrop of a tattered American flag.

Defaced a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) server and posted samples from an FAA database detailing passenger screening activity at various U.S. airports with each screener's name, the number of passengers he or she screened, and the number of guns, explosives or chemicals intercepted.
At the time, the FAA downplayed the sensitivity of the database, claiming that it had been prepared for Congress, and was therefore public information. But in the charges filed against Stark, prosecutors describe the list as a "sensitive database".

Defacement of a US Army Corp of Engineers' website under Stark's pre-Deceptive Duo moniker, "The-Rev".


Got raided by feds and DoD.


Allegedly sold a bundle of 447 stolen credit card numbers in an IRC chat room for $250 in June 2001