Bill From RNOC

IRL Name: 
Dave Buchwald

Dave Buchwald (born September 4th 1970), also known by his handle Bill From RNOC, was the leader of the Legion of Doom in the mid-1980s and at his peak was considered one of the country's best social engineers. Due to his skill in hacking Bell and AT&T systems (of note being COSMOS, SCCS, and LMOS) he was highly respected and somewhat feared in the hacker community. He also served as a mentor to many other hackers during his time with LOD. Currently, he works as a film editor and freelance photographer in New York City with some of his work appearing as coverart for 2600 Magazine.


Served as a technical consultant on the film 'Hackers'

Founded Crossbar Security with fellow LOD member Phiber Optik, which would go defunct due to the 2001 "Dot Com" bust.


Brought down the Boston transit system using the "Man who lost his hat" gambit.