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Jeremy Chiu

Jeremy Chiu (aka Birdman) has more than ten years of experience with host-based security, focusing on kernel technologies for both the Win32 and Linux platforms. In early 2001 he was created Taiwan's first widespread trojan BirdSPY. The court dropped charges after Jeremy committed to allocate part of his future time to assist Taiwan law enforcement in digital forensics and incidence response. Jeremy specializes in rootkit/backdoor design. Jeremy also specializes in reverse engineering and malware analysis, and has been contracted by law enforcements to assist in forensics operations. Jeremy is a sought-after speaker for topics related to security, kernel programming, and object-oriented design; in addition to frequently speaking at security conferences, Jeremy is also a contract trainer for law enforcements, intelligence organizations, and conferences such as DEFCON 18, SySCAN (09 08), Hacks in Taiwan (07 06 05), HTICA(06 08) and OWASP Asia (08 07). In 2005, Jeremy founded X-Solve Inc. and successfully developed forensics and anti-malware products. In July 2007, X-Solve was acquired by Armorize Technologies. In Oct 2010, he left Armorize and created a new research team, Xecure-Lab.


Created Taiwan's first widespread Trojan called BirdSPY